Have some questions, but not quite ready to get in touch? Have a look through our FAQ below!

If you have any questions that are not covered here, or would like to get more information, please feel free to get in touch by:

Can you supply a Demo CD?

Yes, if requested we can post a Demo CD out to you as an alternative to the MP3 audio samples on our site.

How can I check your availability?

Please get in touch with us!

How far will you travel?

We are based in central Scotland and we regularly travel within 100 mile radius of this area. We can travel greater distances and abroad if accommodation and traveling costs are met.

Can you reserve a date for me?

Yes, but we often have multiple reservation requests for some dates, especially Fridays and Saturdays, so it’s often a case of first-come, first-serve.

To avoid any disappointment it’s important to confirm your booking with us as soon as possible.

How do I confirm a booking?

Bookings are secured via a confirmation letter sent from us to you, the client. In return we require a signed letter stating we have all the right details, and a non-refundable deposit to be paid. Payment of the remaining balance is due at the beginning of the evening of your event.

Do you play Ceilidh music?

Yes, we play a selection of the most popular Ceilidh dances which can be dropped in throughout the evening, at our discretion.

Do you call the Ceilidh dances?

We can call the more straight forward dances such as the ‘Gay Gordons’, ‘Dashing White Sergeant’, ‘St. Bernard’s Waltz’ and so on, but if you require a more sustained ceilidh section we recommend you use the services of a dedicated ‘caller’. If you require a caller then we can recommend an excellent caller we often work with, or you can bring your own.

Can we choose the songs to be played from your set?

Yes, you can choose your favourites and we will do our best to fit them in but we must stress that final choice of repertoire is solely down to the experience of the band. We do try to update our set list regularly, so it’s best to choose your songs several weeks prior to your event, due to the possibility that changes have been made.

Will you play our first dance?

We offer clients a choice of songs from our current list which are appropriate for the bridal dance but we understand many couples often have a specific song they’d like. As it’s not practical for us to learn every song requested we have the facility to play the song of your choice for you. We require the name of the artist and the song choice at least two weeks prior to your wedding.

How much space does the band require?

The performance area (or stage) should be around 5m wide x 3m deep. We can set up in smaller spaces if required, but this does affect the amount of lighting equipment we can provide so please let us know in advance or contact us for advice.

How long does it take to set your equipment up?

Under normal circumstances it takes around an hour for us to unload and set up but is very reliant on how easy the access into the venue is and how large the venue is, as this affects the amount of equipment and lighting required.

Please also allow us 10-15 minutes to get changed into our stage clothes.

Please note we will not be held responsible for starting later than scheduled due to circumstances beyond our control.

Do I need to arrange somewhere for the band to get changed?

Not necessarily, most venues have areas that are suitable for us to change. We will take care of this ourselves.

Can you provide background music or dance music during any breaks?

Yes, we have a wide selection of pre-recorded background music which can be played after we are set up at any time throughout your event; for example during dinner/buffet. We also provide non-stop mixes of music to dance to in-between live music performances from the band so as to maintain the party atmosphere.

If need be can someone else use your Instruments or equipment?


The band does not under any circumstances allow guests, venue staff, other performers or anyone else to use any instruments or equipment as it is not covered by our insurance.

We have in the past accommodated a singer or musician who brought their own guitar or instrument along and performed, but this should, if possible, be arranged well in advance.

We also sometimes have requests for people to sing but we discourage this as much as possible as it can often ruin any atmosphere that the band have worked hard to create. If the band does decide, at their own discretion, to allow someone to sing please note they may have to sing unaccompanied.

If required will you play on later than booked?


The band may sometimes have to perform over 4 hours of music and will not under any circumstances extend performances on the evening.

Any changes regarding start or finish times must be arranged prior to the event.